Extended Stay providers just got lucky…

Hotels have it good when it comes to finding places where they can feature themselves. There are a million places where you can do that. However, extended stay companies or those that offer furnished apartments get a relatively raw deal.

But take heart… there’s a new kid on the block that can help you get some great exposure for your website for free – FurnishedResidences.com

This site is for Canadian companies only but hopefully, they’ll expand to include the US pretty soon. The design is very nice, the navigation is easy to use and the graphics are easy on the eye. They’ve covered all the provinces pretty extensively and they don’t charge for inclusion in their database.

Of course, if you’re in a crowded segment like Toronto or Vancouver, you might do well to shell out the nominal $25/month to get a premium listing which ensures that your property goes right to the top of the page.

They also have interesting articles on tips for selecting the right accommodation and what to do if you’re traveling with pets. Common mistakes are explained and the advice is generally good.

And lastly, it never hurts to have another inbound link to your site from another site…. It only helps your search engine ranking. So get over there and check this site out !

Happy Selling

Rohit Seth


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